How to Create More Cooperation and Peace at Home

A 6-week Parenting Course with Vickie Falcone M.A.


You can create more cooperation and peace at home…and much sooner than you may think!

 Attend this 6-week course & have fun learning practical skills to:

  • Reduce Power Struggles
  • Create a Cooperative FamilyDiscipline Without Yelling
  • Develop Mutual Respect
  • Feel Calmer / Enjoy Being a Parent

6-Week Teleseminar

(Attend by phone or online)

Dates: Next Workshop TBA
Time: 7:30-9:00 pm
Investment: $197

6-Week Parenting That Works! Teleseminar – $197


6-Week In-Person Course


                   DatesContact us for further information
Time7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
             PlaceCenter for Hope and Healing
3685 Motor Ave, Ste 240
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Investment:  $297 or $497 for 2 people registering together.

20% discount through Wednesday, Sep. 25

20% off ONE person registering 6-Week In-Person Parenting That Works! Course – $237.60

20% off TWO people registering 6-Week In-Person Parenting That Works! Course – $397.60

Attend the First night FREE, no obligation! 

What You Will Learn In 6 Sessions:

Week 1  How Get Kids to Listen and Cooperate: Connect!

  • Use simple steps to get your child to really listen
  • Learn how to calm yourself when the heat is on

Week 2 – How to Create a More Positive and Peaceful Home

  • Learn the negative consequences of over-praising your child
  • Use communication that creates more positive energy in your home


Week 3 What to Do Instead of Yell, Nag, Threaten or Punish: Positive Discipline (Part 1)

  • Discover how to teach children to take responsibility
  • Learn how to use logical consequences to improve behavior

Week 4– Positive Discipline (Part 2)

  • Why “timeout” doesn’t usually work and what does
  • How to raise a respectful child


Week 5 How to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child

  • What not to say to an upset child
  • How to discharge strong emotions and help your child calm down

Week 6 – How to End Power Struggles and Sibling Rivalry

  • Reduce sibling rivalry and competition
  • How to effectively stop fights and arguments